Africa needs to put an end to draconian laws and policies that people have been made to believe are for their own good. How we solve problems in Africa is so laughable! Our leaders and policy makers are ever lax and have an inherent talent of creating an impression that they are over working. Take […]


Over the past few years Kenyan roads have evolved into blood thirsty highways that kill and maim indiscriminately. The road carnage has rendered travelling a treacherous event as one can only liken it to walking into a battle field. The death toll has become outrageous and a permanent solution to this menace is of paramount […]


They said, “To plan for a day plant rice, to plan for a season plant trees and to plan for a lifetime educate the masses.” This quote has increasingly led to politicians using the education card to woo unsuspecting voters into a 5 year prison of bad governance. We fell for it again! It is […]


It’s probably 3 a.m. in the morning and I’m half drunk. I spent virtually all my life questioning why other people go into substance abuse when in need of a quick solace. I thought them weak and morally lose. Here I am, with a bottle of hard liquor on my bedroom desk and a packet […]


I would like to pose a very contentious question. Can poverty be eradicated? Your answer is most likely a powerful no. In Africa we do not breed thinkers and this has been our ultimate undoing. We are so cocooned in our own world that we do not realize eradication of poverty is part of human […]


For the better part of my life I have hated being black. To me, being African was an uncalled for punishment for a mistake I did before I was born. America is the land of opportunities while Africa is the land of outrageous imaginations. Many African scholars like to rub on our faces how our […]


Murphy’s Law seems to have been permanently embedded in our heads. A plan gets derailed and no one is willing to help bring things back on track simply because Murphy said, “if life is going badly, it is bound to get worse”. I like to look at life from a reformist’s perspective. We ought to […]